Also Starring On YouTube …

Last week, The Accounting Friars published a post entitled Now Starring On YouTube. It featured Professor Michael Grande’s series of videos on the fundamentals of managerial accounting.

But what if you’ve watched them all, and you’d like to view more accounting videos? What if you simply cannot get enough of The Accounting Friars on YouTube?

Have no fear! MBA capstone course professor Michael Kraten has converted his slide presentation entitled Sustainability Risk and Enterprise Risk Management: Impact on Valuation Estimates, Decision Analysis into a series of eleven brief videos. The clips are available on a YouTube Playlist on his personal YouTube site.

Each video explains a slide from Michael’s original presentation. And each clip is presented in a nano learning format, as defined by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, at a length ranging from one minute to eleven minutes.

The video series walks the viewer through a valuation process regarding an off-shore energy project. At first, the project is assessed at a Net Present Value of $100 million, and is tentatively approved for capital funding. But a supplemental risk management assessment reduces the Net Present Value to negative $41 million, apparently dooming the project.

But is it truly doomed? Michael then evaluates a series of crisis response and internal control options, rejecting some but accepting others. In the end, he makes a final recommendation about the worthiness of the project.

If you are curious about his recommendation, you are certainly welcome to view the videos to learn the denouement of his tale. And while you watch the content, you might notice the difference in styles between Michael Kraten’s YouTube videos and those of Michael Grande.

They both cover their intellectual content in a comprehensive manner, but they choose very different formats in which to present their analyses. Indeed, the diversity of their approaches reflects the intellectual diversity of the faculty of our Department of Accountancy.

Michael Kraten, PhD, CPA