Now Starring On YouTube …

Perhaps you have an opportunity to make an investment in an organization or a program. You’d like to estimate the Return On Investment (ROI) that you can expect to receive from your contribution. How do you actually estimate it?

Or perhaps you need to take a hard look at the way that you’re producing a product or delivering a service. You’d like to understand the costs of each activity, so that you can find ways to operate in a more profitable manner. How do you go about preparing that Activity Based Costing (ABC) analysis?

If you still have your managerial accounting textbook tucked away on a shelf, you could crack it open and refresh your memory. And if you still have your class notebook, it would be even more helpful. But even if you possess these resources, you’ll probably realize that “nothing beats a good teacher with a simple whiteboard.”

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re in luck! Managerial Accounting professor Michael Grande, CPA, MST has created a series of YouTube videos that are designed to walk his audience through the fundamentals of the discipline. A whiteboard, an occasional paper, and Michael himself are the only elements in a modest and uncluttered setting.

Variance analysis? Michael covers it. Net Present Value? It’s there too. Job Order Costing? He explains it with ease, along with a variety of other topics.

So whether you need to prepare one of these analyses, or whether you simply enjoy reliving your school days, please feel free to click over to Michael’s YouTube channel. There’s no need to worry about any need to study; you will not be tested on the content!

Michael Grande, CPA, MST