Welcome, John Thornton

Can you believe that a full year has passed since we published our very first blog posting? How shall we celebrate the first anniversary of The Accounting Friars, our Department’s social media hub?

By exploring new online applications, of course! Next week, we’ll utilize our blog to support our efforts in obtaining student feedback about a new curriculum innovation. On April 3rd and 4th, we’ll be delighted to welcome Azusa Pacific University Professor John Thornton to campus to meet with our students and to address our undergraduate capstone and graduate ethics courses.

John is the Bobbi Leung Chair of Accounting Ethics at Azusa Pacific’s LP and Timothy Leung School of Accounting. He maintains research interests in ethics and the accounting profession, with an emphasis on auditor independence, auditor litigation, and whistle-blowing activities. He’s agreed to visit our campus, and to contribute to our efforts to incorporate Christian values into our study of business ethics and morality.

All of our blog readers are welcome to click on the Student Feedback link of our blog’s home page to view their suggestions. And, as always, we welcome the feedback of all of our colleagues as we continue to embrace the new online technologies of the social media era.