A Letter To Santa Claus

Dear St. Nicholas (aka Santa):
From the Department of Accountancy

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed visiting our campus, earlier this month, for the third international St. Nicholas of Myra Conference on Catholic Social Thought.

As you know, Santa, Christmas Eve is right around the corner. We’ve been considering our options regarding a gift request, and we regret that we have a rather sizable “ask” for you this year.

Would it be possible to drop a new business school building into our stocking? We’ve done everything possible to “make do” with Koffler Hall, but it’s become difficult to recognize our potential as a fast growing, world class business school within a building that was originally built for a much smaller program.

We don’t want to be greedy, so we’d be delighted with anything you provide that fits snugly within our Providence College Centennial Campus Plan. Does this look reasonable to you?


Of course, to start paying down our indebtedness to you, we’ll curtail our natural naughtiness. And we’ll increase our levels of niceness, effective immediately.

Thanks very much for your consideration, Santa. We’ll be sure to leave you a large plate of cookies on Christmas Eve … assuming that the gesture doesn’t run afoul of any conflict-of-interest ethical guidelines at the North Pole Justice Department, of course.

The Accounting Friars