Santa’s Accountants

This brief posting provides an update to our November 2, 2016 posting entitled “The Rhode Island Olympics.”

How would you like to wake up on the morning of Christmas Day and find 303 boxes of art supplies, 42 backpacks, 32 throw blankets, 23 boxes of diapers and formula, and 16 basketballs and footballs in your gift stocking? As well as $2,000 in cash, $540 in gift cards, and 44 hours of community service time?

In effect, that’s what the families who rely on Child & Family’s programs and services received from the Rhode Island Society of CPAs on November 9th, in connection with its Rhode Island Olympics. Held for the third consecutive year on the campus of Providence College, more than one hundred accounting professionals and students formed fourteen teams and competed for the RISCPA Cup.

The winner was Carl Weinberg & Co., LLP, a Warwick based accounting firm. They defeated a Big Four firm, several regional and local firms, and accounting students from Providence College and Johnson & Wales University. Considering the home court advantage enjoyed by the Friars of Providence College, it may have represented the greatest competitive upset of the year.

Well, perhaps the second greatest upset, given the results of the preceding day’s U.S. Presidential election!

The competition was paired with a holiday donation campaign for Child & Family, one that produced the impressive array of charitable gifts. It provides clear evidence that the spirit of Santa Claus is alive and well in the accounting profession.