The Rhode Island Olympics

The Olympic Games have been held in some spectacular locations, haven’t they? Rio. London. Beijing. Montreal. And, of course, Rhode Island.

What? You weren’t aware of the Rhode Island Games? They actually occur every year, with the Accountancy Department of Providence College hosting the event facilities in 2016.

But it’s not sponsored by the International Olympic Committee. It’s the Accounting Olympics, and it’s sponsored by the Rhode Island Society of CPAs. According to Providence College student Tim Dalton:

I did coordinate last year’s Olympics! It was a great success. I believe we had about fifteen participants, and we engaged in many different fun games. Some were related to accounting, and some were simply fun activities, including basketball, golf, tug-of-war and many more. At the end, we crowned a champion. I believe that Blum Shapiro won the whole event.

Tim is almost perfectly correct. In fact, sixteen teams competed for the crown, staffed by individuals from academic institutions, financial service organizations, and public accounting firms of all shapes and sizes. A team of professionals from Blum Shapiro did indeed snare the top spot, although a pair of teams with Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. (KLR) professionals secured the second and third spots.

But Tim didn’t mention some of the more unusual competitive events. Last year, the teams also competed in the tissue box and toilet paper challenges, an elastic sharp shooting event, a variety of puzzles, and a “Minute to Win It” challenge. Incidentally, you cannot find any of these dramatic events at the IOC’s version of the Olympic Games.

On the other hand, there is no Decathlon or Marathon at the RISCPA’s version of the Games. And yet accountants still enjoy the Rhode Island version.

According to RISCPA President and Providence College alumnus Bob Mancini:


RISCPA’s Rhode Island Young Accounting Network (RIYAN) is in its fourth year of producing the Olympic Competition. Providence College has proven to be an ideal venue because of its location, its amenities, and, of course, the support of its student body and academic colleagues.

Our Providence College Friar participants will be spoiling for revenge this year, with a team of our finest students having finished 14th in the 16 team field last year. But with home court advantage in its favor, our Friars are determined to establish a championship tradition.

So if you are a fierce Olympic competitor, or if you simply enjoy an exciting competition, please plan to join us on November 9th. The Friars and the RISCPA will certainly appreciate your support.

And if you bring a donation of food, gift card, toy, clothing, or other item, the RISCPA will gladly deliver it to Child & Family, the largest and most comprehensive social service provider in Newport County. It is also one of the largest such providers in Rhode Island.

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