Why Tax? Video Competition!

Providence College taxation professor Julia Camp contributed the following posting for students who are considering careers in taxation. It provides a great opportunity for students who aspire to express their creative talents in the field of accounting.

I know why I went into the field of tax, but why did others? We want to know! And better yet, we want other students to know! Why is taxation a great field to enter? How would you influence someone to look into taxation as a career?

The American Taxation Association (ATA), with support from the Big 4 accounting firms, is sponsoring a video contest called Why Tax? Firms across the world are looking to recruit people for careers in taxation. Some firms even offer bonuses to those who enter tax instead of other areas in accounting, just to sweeten the pot.

According to Robert Half Management Resources, the role of a tax accountant is in high demand and there are many opportunities in both public and corporate tax departments.

The ATA Why Tax? video competition is asking undergraduate and graduate students to create 1-3 minute videos that highlight why someone might choose the tax career path. They encourage creativity and have no restrictions on format: short film, commercial, music video, documentary, etc. The videos are to be targeted towards other students.

Videos will be reviewed by a panel of experts including faculty and sponsoring firm employees. Prizes will be awarded to 1st ($3,000), 2nd ($2,000), and 3rd ($1,000) from the judging based upon scores for Concept (25%), Originality (25%), Script and Screenplay (25%), and How the entry encourages a career in tax (25%). Prizes will also be awarded to a Viewer’s Choice winner ($1,200) and Viewer’s Choice Runner up ($800), which will be determined by public vote.

The entire set of rules can be viewed on the website linked below, but some important ones to be noted are: the videos must be made by undergraduate or graduate students, videos must be original work without any professional assistance, and the videos must not refer in any way to the students’ College.

Submissions can be made via the link below until November 15, 2016.

I know that we have some very creative students who may be able to create some great videos. So – get out there and talk to some people in tax and find out why taxation can be so exciting! Ask your friends who have graduated and are now working, ask your professors (not the auditing ones!!!), ask your parents and family friends, and even better – ask the firms themselves. Wouldn’t it be a great interview question? What made you choose tax?

Why did I choose tax? Actually – my story is silly. I had to choose between tax and audit for an internship. For me it was an easy choice – I didn’t have a car, so I needed to be in the office, which I could get to by train. That was it – I chose tax simply due to my lack of transportation. Of course, once I got there, I realized how much I enjoyed it, and even more so after working on a few audits. But – I’ll leave those details as to “Why Tax?” to the student videos.

I hope to see some PC submissions. Good luck to those who enter!! And for the rest of you who don’t enter – be on the lookout for the videos to vote for Viewers’ Choice!

For more info, go to:  http://aaahq.org/ATA-Video-Contest/ATA-Video-Contest-2 

Julia Camp